Wedding Etiquette….for Participants and Guests!

Well, Well, Well…..Wedding Season is amongst us! I know this season oh so well being that I was married almost 3 years ago (June 27th). Recently, I’ve been chatting with some Brides-To-Be as well as some of my friends that are already married and we’ve talked about our ‘process’. With that being said, I’ve decided to share some things that I’ve noticed and what I think guests and participants should do. Prepare to be entertained….LOL!

Let’s start with participants AKA the WEDDING PARTY! Once the Bride or Groom asks you to be apart of the wedding AND you accept, that means you will agree to WHATEVER they ask of you in regards to the attire. With me, I promised my girls that I wouldn’t go over a certain amount for the dress and shoes. I don’t believe and having people pay a lot of money for a dress they may not wear again. I also allowed them to pick their own dress, I DID NOT want anyone to say that Toya had them in an ugly dress. NOPE, NO WAY! However, I did pick the shoes. Anyone that knows me KNOWS I love bling, so that was mandatory. LOL! All that was asked was that everything be purchased by a certain date. Same with the guys, Hubby picked out the tux (which was changed about 3 weeks before the wedding for the better)…all that we asked was that everyone was fitted by a certain date. Well, this kinda didn’t happen which made me NERVOUS AS HELL! LOL! I won’t go into details, but when you agree to be in a wedding you agree to comply with their wishes. You must remember, the day is about the Friday and Groom….NOT YOU! Be respectful and do as you are asked, being apart of the wedding party. Please keep this in mind if you are ever asked to be in a wedding.

Now on to the guests. 1st and FOREMOST, RVSP!!! Not only RSVP, but do it BY THE DUE DATE!! Do not show up at a wedding that you did NOT RSVP for. Correction, normally the wedding is no problem HOWEVER, THAT RECEPTION??? You can try it if you want to!! LOL! I had a strict list and if you were not on it, you were not getting in to eat! LOL!! Folks gotta realize how much plates cost. Let’s take it a step further, stop rsvping for something and you don’t show up! That is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Those plates still gotta be paid for if you show up or not! Don’t get me wrong, emergencies happen which is very understandable…..BUT THAT’S IT!! Stop doing that to people. You wouldn’t want anyone doing that to YOU! Another thing I’ve noticed being an attendee and having a wedding, people don’t dress like they used to. I guess I’m old, cause I was taught to dress up for certain occasions and weddings is one of them. Unless the wedding is a theme and you are asked to wear something specific (like an all white wedding…please don’t wear white to a wedding unless requested to do so), put on something nice. A nice dress or pant suit for women and a nice shirt and slacks for men…heck, wear a suit if you’re feeling jiggy. Please do not go to a wedding dressed like you’re going to the grocery store or on a 5k walk or a picnic. Dress for the occasion…please. I am in no way saying you gotta be sugar sharp and dress like you’re Fast Freddy from The Scene, but put on something nice. I love going to a function where I gotta get dolled up, we all should and weddings should be one of those functions.

Hopefully this didn’t offend anyone and if it did, you must fit one of the categories above. LOL!! Let’s do better and show these youngstas how it’s supposed to be done! I find myself overdressed sometimes for some occasions, but then I realize I’m not overdressed everyone else is UNDERDRESSED!! Ketchup MUSTARD!! 😜😜😜

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  • June 17, 2018 at 8:21 am

    Amen!!! You hit it all sis!


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