Toya’s Tips

March 14, 2018

So many young black men and women are dying of heart disease.  We all must do better to keep ourselves healthy.  Here are 10 Heart Healthy Foods to get you on the right track:



Dark Chocolate (My FAV)

Green Tea

Coffee (no sugar no cream)



Red Wine (Another Fav)


Salmon (Another Fav)

Minimize your sweet intake and processed foods. Also, add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

August 1, 2017 – THIS IS A MUST READ!!!

This probably shoulda been one of my 1st posts when I started this blog since I’ve spoken about it numerous times on Facebook.  This post is meant to help, not judge…..Big Girls, I need you to come to the front of the congregation.

A lot of you have known me for A LONG TIME, therefore you know I have not always been a big girl.  However, I’ve embraced my big girlness (LOL) and I would like to think that I keep myself together pretty good.  I am aware of what type of clothes work best for me and my body type, BUT everyone is not.  Even those that are aware still make bad fashion decisions.  You wanna know why???  Well, I’m gonna tell you…….some of y’all don’t wear the proper undergarments!!!!  This can also be said for smaller girls too, proper undergarments are necessary for ALL WOMEN but ESPECIALLY women that have a little bit more to tame.

If you wear something fitted and you have a little (or big) pudge, you need on something to contain that gut!  For those with a smaller pouch, Spanx is good for you. It stops the jiggle and makes you looks tighter….that’s a very good look for you.  Another thing, if your boobs are not perky you can NOT go without a bra.  Do us ALL a favor and put on a bra please.

Now to my curvy, chubby, more to love Sistas!  Boo’s,  you can’t wear a thong with a tight dress AND you have a GUT!  You might want to invest in a GOOD girdle and a nice bra to suck stuff in, which will give you a smoother look.  Ladies, there is NOTHING wrong with wearing a girdle to make your outfit look better.  That’s what they are for!  Don’t let your pride get in the way, it’s all for the greater good.  Girdles also help contain your muffin top when you wear tight jeans.

I’m sure when you hear the word ‘girdles’ you think of your Grandma (or Mama’s) undergarments.  Girdles have come a LONG way since then…some of them are actually sexy.  Case and point…

 (pic courtesy of Google)

The above young lady is curvy AND she has on a girdle….she makes it look sexy.  I don’t think our Grannies or Mamas wore anything like this!  LOL!!  Here’s another, not as sexy but it does the job:

(pic courtesy of Google)

Do you all get the point now??  This may not apply to you because you all know what to wear to get that ‘snatched’ look, but I am sure you may have a friend that does not know any better.  They are probably the ones that think, it’s in my size so I can wear it.  In some instances, that may be true…..BUT there are some instances where this is absolutely NOT true.  Know your body type and what works for YOU!  What I wear, you may not able to wear and vice versa.  Buy clothes that are more flattering to your shape.  I know I have a gut (I’m not ashamed…that’s why I want plastic surgery, but I’ve already talked about that) so I wear peplum outfits.  Those look good on me…tight fitting at the top and flares out in the middle and tight again at the bottom.  I love it!!  I know this works for me.  Now, I might wear a body con outfit sometimes and when I do I make sure I put on the GOOD girdle!! LOL!  I know I can’t suck it all it, but I do a good enough job to get away with it.

So as the summer dwindles down, tell your friends what is best for them wear….this also goes for Fall and Winter clothes.  What’s good about that though is that your clothes can cover more in the colder months.

Just remember, the mirror is you best friend!!!  😉

July 20, 2017

Ladies, I think we can all agree that certain clothes shouldn’t be worn during the summer months.  For instance, I’ve talked about tight DENIM jeans (see July 6th post).  I failed to mention another important item that we shouldn’t wear……STOCKINGS AKA PANTYHOSE!!!! The more they rub together in 80 degree and above weather, the better the possibility they burst into flames!!!  Take notice!!!  LOL!!!!

July 17, 2017

Here is a tip (or 2) for the blog—if you want to comment on any post, you can click on the subject/title of the blog posts (on the Home page) to open a new page for that particular subject.  That new page will have a comment box below the post where you can type whatever it is you would like to say.  You can also register.   You can find the ‘Register’ link on the right side of the page under the word Meta.

July 12, 2017

I don’t know if I should consider this a tip or just some common sense knowledge.  When you walk into a room or by a GROUP of people, say Hello.  It doesn’t hurt to speak.  It doesn’t always lead up to a full conversation, you are just showing that you have manners….that’s it.  I’ve said this time and time again, everyone is not a morning person and that is ok. HOWEVER, it does not cost ONE DIME to say Good Morning when you walk into a room.

My calendar has daily quotes or words of wisdom that I love to read and I think today’s quote from Whoopi Goldberg is very fitting: “I don’t have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation.”  Yep, that’s how I feel at 7:48a!  LOL!

July 7, 2017

Ladies,  I know that we all love to wear sleeveless tops during the hot summer months.  That is great and all, but there is something I think we all need to take care of before putting on one of these tops.  GET RID OF YOUR UNDERARM HAIR!!  I HATE seeing is a woman with nasty, hairy armpits!!  So I have a tip/suggestion to help you with this, please invest in a Schick Intuition.  It has everything you need to shave your armpits at any given time.  I keep mine in the shower and I use it for my armpits and my legs.  It is very convenient and not expensive at all.  It comes with the razor and 2 cartridges and you can find them for about $10 anywhere.  The paper always have coupons for them as well.

So do your significant other (and us) a favor and go buy one!  I promise you will feel so much better and they (and we) will thank you!!  LOL!

July 6, 2017

I will NEVER EVER say I am a Fashionista, but I do like to look cute at all times (most of the time…LOL).  With that being said, I think I can give small tips in regards to what we should and should not wear and WHEN.  Here is my 1st tip…

STOP WEARING TIGHT JEANS IN THE SUMMER!!!  Your lady parts carry heat!! I’ve said this time and time again, ‘she’ gotta breathe.  Stop it Ladies.  😉😙