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October 9, 2017

I love the weekends for several reasons.  The main reason is that I don’t have to get all dolled up like I do during the week.  I can be more relaxed.  I love comfy clothes.  What a surprise when a friend of mine told me about a line she was creating.  I told her to hurry cause I was ready to wear it and advertise for her.  Well, I am happy to say that Bella Belle Athleisurewear is HERE!!!   Her clothes are so comfy and soft…OMG I wish I could wear it every day!!  You can wear her clothes to workout in, run errands, or you can dress it up and wear it out for a night on the town.  Check out her site and place an order…I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Stay tuned for Bella Belle’s Shapewear in early 2018!!!

August 29, 2017

Saturday night as we rode thru downtown Detroit, we decided to ride down Woodbridge to see what was popping.  I am so glad we did!!!  We discovered a wonderful adult spot that I think you all should try….Chill Martini Bistro!  It is located at 2000 E. Woodbridge.   They’ve only been open about 2 months and I can see this place doing big things!  The atmosphere is sexy and the people there are great!  The owner Penny is the sweetest lady!  She talked with us for awhile about her vision and thanked us for coming…I mean she was the sweetest.  The drinks were DA BOMB!!  DJ the Mixologist (IG: dj.mixologist) was very outgoing, friendly, and honest when it came to the drinks and just overall chit chat. If you know me, I ask questions before I order drinks and she did NOT steer me wrong!  Her drinks were GOOD!!!!

They are open Wednesday thru Saturday (Wed and Thurs 4p-11p and Fri and Sat 4p-2a) and will be having a Grand Opening sometime in September or October, but you don’t have to wait to go!  Get some of your folks together and pay them visit!  They have a limited food menu, but what they have it also good!  They have some great sliders and they make their own potato chips! They also have Happy Hour specials…who doesn’t like Happy Hour????  You will not be disappointed at all!  Check them out!!!

August 20, 2017

Saturday was a day of Wine Tastings with my girl Nancy and it was so much fun! We visited 2 wine shops and they were both black owned!  Both locations were really nice and the owners were very personable and professional.

House of Pure Vin is centrally located on historical Woodward Avenue (1433 Woodward), in the heart of Downtown Detroit, House of Pure Vin has wine and champagne that will satisfy any and all taste buds.  HOUSE OF PURE VIN is a signature retail destination and a consumer attraction for wine lovers to experience and acquire a taste for wine.  2 hours of free parking is available at the structure located at 1001 Woodward (2 blocks southeast of Grand River). The young ladies that own and work here are very helpful and appreciative of all of their customers.  They are open every day and they have special wine tastings frequently.  Check their website and FB page out for event information.

Brix Wine & Charcuterie Boutique is a new spot that opened up just 3 days ago.  It is located at 7968 Kercheval (at Van Dyke) in the West Village district in Detroit.  This Husband and Wife duo renovated Michigan Savings Bank and made it into a Wine and Charcuterie Boutique!  It is AWESOME!!  This is a great location to go with your girls for a nice relaxing night of wine or with your significant other for….a nice relaxing night of wine! LOL!  They’ve also renovated the vault into a Tasting Room….nice and quaint.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this place is!  The husband and wife owners are very nice and they took the time to welcome everyone in their establishment.  For now they are only open Thursday thru Saturday at 4p and they do have special wine tastings on Wednesday’s.  Check their website and FB page out for event information.

August 16, 2017

I’ve stated before that I love supporting good businesses.  If I find a business that treats me well, I will go back time and time again.  Whenever I am asked about a seamstress, I always refer them to this young lady.  She is not only talented, but she is very sweet and makes you feel like you’ve known her your either life!! Scarlett Monroe (owner of RedFunk Collections) made my dress a few years ago for my 20 year High School Reunion (mighty Cass Tech).  She saw what I wanted and she made me exactly what I was looking for.  So it wouldn’t be a surprise that she is making me a dress for my 42nd Birthday Party for next month!  I sent her the pic of what I wanted and she was on it!  I met with her, she took my measurements, and that was that.  She is professional, timely, and personable….all of which I like. She had some DOPE fashions that you should really look at…she makes clothes that you can’t find anywhere else!

Scarlett has a business party that is equally sweet…Honey (owner of Mason Tone).  She is HILARIOUS!!!  I love her spirit…she is funny in person AND on Facebook!  I just look her!  She also has dope clothes and she is the ‘cut-em-up’ Queen!!  I purchased a shirt from her over the weekend (which I will post when I wear it) and she customized it with cuts/rips in the back!  I can’t wait to wear it because I am sure I will get a lot of compliments on it.

Scarlett and Honey are located at 24400 Northwestern Hwy #120 in Southfield (Wednesday thru Saturday11a-7p).  Reach out to them, look them up on Facebook, or just pop in the shop and see what they have.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

August 2, 2017

I LOVE sweets!  Cakes, cookies, and brownies!!  Although I love them, I am picky about who or where I buy from.  Cakes particularly because they can be tricky when it comes to the icing.  Some icing is too sweet or not sweet enough.  I like cake icing with the right amount of icing….and the actual cake MUST be moist!  I tried Nicole’s Cakes a couple of years ago when I bought some Ciroc infused Strawberry Cupcakes!  Those cupcakes were so moist and GOOD!!!!!!!  She also made my Hubby THE BOMB cake for his birthday this year, an Old English D!!  Not only was it nice to look at, it was NICE to eat!!  LOL!!

I’ve referred numerous people to Nicole for cakes and I haven’t heard not one bad word about her products.  It doesn’t hurt that she is also a Cass Tech C/O 93 Graduate too!!   Nicole is very professional and takes pride in her business.  She can make anything you want!  Check her out for your next function…just know that she is busy and she will need advance notice.  Don’t ask her on a Friday to bake a cake for you on Saturday!! LOL!!   Try Nicole’s Cakes!!

July 31, 2017

I think I’ve said this before, but I am going to say it again….if you know me, you KNOW I LOVE BLING!!  Bling just sets the tone for EVERYTHING!  LOL!  It makes an outfit POP!  I’ve seen some very cute shirt designs from Zahirah Creations, which is owned by Cass Tech C/O ’93 Alum Yolanda Dowe.  Zahirah Creations is a rhinestone/bling shirt and apparel company. Their goal is to provide trendy, cute and unique designs at an affordable price. Very soon they’ll be offering custom designs.

If you are looking for fun, funky blinged out uplifting shirts check her site out.  They  are cute and affordable and I am sure you will get plenty of compliments when you wear it.  Check her out and support!!!

July 27, 2017

When I was planning my wedding over 3 years ago, I knew exactly what I wanted….I knew that my colors would have pink and I knew that I wanted bling 💎!!!  I also knew that I wanted everything to look expensive without being really expensive…I mean we still had to live once June 27, 2015 was over.   I was beyond Blessed to have 2 Decorators help me with my vision for the church and reception hall.  Eye Catchin’ D’zignz and From The Heart Events answered all of my Prayers!!  Val and LeAnn were so helpful and patient with me.  I don’t think I was a Bridezilla, but I KNEW what I wanted and wasn’t going to settle for anything less.  They worked with me (and my budget) all while letting me know if what I wanted would work or not.  I don’t know if I got on their nerves, but they never made me feel as if I did.

Both of these beautiful women take pride in their work!  They are very professional and easy to talk to.  They decorate for all occasions….you name it, they do it and it doesn’t matter how big or small the function is.  So if you are in need of a decorator for your event, reach out to either one of these Ladies.  They will definitely get you together!

July 25, 2017

I love smell goods!!  I’ve always said that a woman should not go around smelling ‘bland’.  A woman should always have on some type of fragrance.  I am not talking about something overpowering, but a woman should have some type of pleasant scent.

Back in January when I was in LA for the New Edition Walk of Fame ceremony, I received a gift bag that contained a body melt.  This body melt smelled and felt so good!!  It was by Freddi Jones and it was Girlie Girl.  I instantly fell in love and as soon as I got home, I ordered some.  I’ve never felt a body  melt or whip like this.  It is so smooth and silky AND IT SMELLS AWESOME!!!

My NE Sister Jammie (also in LA) then told me about another fragrance, which I fell in love with too…Flower Wand.  Oh, did I tell you about the Body Mist????  Overall, I just love their products and I think you will too!!  There are other products that they have that I’m sure you would love too!!!!

Check out…I promise you won’t be disappointed!

July 19, 2017

I LOVE a good massage, who doesn’t????  There are so many massage/spa businesses popping up everywhere. Some are really good and some are not…..I have one that is really good that you should check out. The Rejuvenation Station was started by a fellow Cass Tech Alumni Kelly Winfrey. She has experience working in several different sectors of the field such as spa and relaxation, mobile massage, reiki & reflexology, event massage, and even medical massage under the direction of a chiropractor.

She puts her heart and soul into every massage she performs and it surely shows by the smiles on her clients’ faces. She is so passionate about massage that she recently became a part time instructor/tutor at one of the two massage therapy schools she attended, where she enjoys grooming future massage therapists.

So if you or anyone that you know is in need of a massage, contact The Rejuvenation Station for an appointment.  Also, Groupon has a special going on right now that you can’t beat!  Support Kelly and her massage business!

July 17, 2017

I LOVE music!  All kinds of music, but R&B is my favorite.  I listen to music from the time I get to work until I leave.  I also have music playing during the night while I sleep.  I grew up on music, my folks would blast music on Saturday’s and I was introduced to a lot of old school music.  I cherish that to this day and I actually prefer to listen to old school music.

A couple of years ago, I went to an Avery Sunshine concert and she had a local singer open for her. A pretty young lady that could BLOW!!!  Not only was she pretty, she was a Cass Tech Alum (more points for her…LOL)!  We knew right then that we wanted her to sing at our wedding and told her and her mom/manager that night!  Her name is Johnyce Jackson!  When I say this girl can sing…she can SANG!!!  After everyone saw her at the wedding, I had people contacting me so she could sing at their functions!  This girl is BAD!!!  In addition to all of that, she also acts!  Such a sweet and professional young lady!

If you are in need of a singer for any occasion, email via for booking information.  Also, check out her YouTube page to hear her music (and see her videos).  Lastly, friend her on Facebook so you can keep up with what she is doing around the city so you can support.  This young lady is extremely talented and more people need to hear her sang and act!!!

July 16, 2017

I love hot food!!  Not temperature, but spicy….hot sauce, spices, all hot stuff I LOVE!!!  I keep a bottle of Red Hot Sauce in my cabinet….even the EXTRA HOT!!!  There is also one other hot sauce that we keep and use on a regular basis—-Poppa’s Gourmet Hot Sauce and Mama’s Hot Pepper Jelly!!

The Founders/Owners are Roosevelt (Big Ro) and his lovely wife D’ette and they are good friends of ours. The recipes for both the hot sauce and the jelly came from Roosevelt’s parents who live in Georgia and have been making homemade sauces and preserves for over 30 years. One particular summer they came to visit and had a family cookout. Roosevelt, Sr. put the hot sauce and jelly on the table, Roosevelt and D’ette sat back and watched in awe at everyone’s reaction as to how good the hot sauce and jelly were. At the time, Roosevelt and D’ette were both unemployed. They had shared ideas about starting a family business instead of going back to a 9 to 5. As fate would have it, right there on a card table in the driveway was the family business. So as an ode to Roosevelt’s parents, Poppa’s Gourmet Hot Sauce and Momma’s Hot Pepper Jelly was created to share with the world.

R&D Foods is a leader in the specialty food category, providing quality products to consumers, restaurants and grocery stores. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent, quality products made from fresh, all natural ingredients so that all your dishes come alive. R&D Foods offers the finest hot sauce and hot pepper jelly. The two brands that we offer are Poppa’s Gourmet Hot and Momma’s Hot Pepper Jelly.

Their Hot Sauce and Jelly can be purchased either thru Facebook (see link below), email (, or via telephone 734-864-6399.  You can also catch them around Metro Detroit at various locations such as Eastern Market to purchase their wonderful products!


July 14, 2017

Today you get a 2 for 1…read on to see what I mean.

I love music, I love to see and hear great dj’s spin.  I witnessed one of these great dj’s back in 2013 when Cass Tech Class of 93 had our 20 Year Reunion.  Of course I was on the committee and of course the function was a banger!!  From that point, I knew I would be using that DJ for some type of function.  Let’s fast forward to 2014; I got engaged and started to plan an Engagement Party.  Of the top, we knew that we wanted DJ Babe to be our DJ.  He provided music not only for our Engagement Party, but for our Wedding Reception as well. He has SoundCloud mixes and other booking info on his website

Now, Mr. DJ Babe is a man of many talents!  Not only does he DJ, but he makes some great popcorn.  He is the owner of Motor City Popcorn. He has about 8 flavors (various sizes based on your need ie.e weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc.) and his popcorn is sold in various places around Metro Detroit, INCLUDING 3 locations inside of Metro Airport and every Saturday night at Campus Martius for Movie Night! To top it off, around Mid-August a retail store will be opening at 33140 Groesbeck in Fraser where you can go in and purchase popcorn. You have no reason to not find his popcorn somewhere in the your area regardless of what side you are on (Detroit, Royal Oak, Belleville, St. Johns, and Mt. Pleasant).   Motor City Popcorn is also a great fundraising opportunity!! For more information on where you can find his popcorn, visit his site

DJ Babe is a cool dude!  He is HILARIOUS (his FB posts and comments always have me laughing), he’s a great DJ, and he makes great popcorn!  You would be crazy to not support him!  He is doing big things around the city to make it better; he’s involved in the Viola Liuzzo Park Restoration Project on the city’s westside.  No other way to say it, he is a good dude!  Support DJ Babe and Motor City Popcorn!!

July 13, 2017

I’ve know Kyle all of his life; he is like a nephew to me (he’s my bestie’s nephew).  Kyle is now a young adult entering into his 2nd year of college.  In addition to furthering his education, Kyle has started a fitness business name Punch Fitness.

Fitness….that’s a curse word to some of us.  Yeah, we like the idea of getting fit and tight BUT we don’t like to do the work to get that banging body.  If you want to get a jumpstart on getting fit, Punch Fitness will be having a Get Fit session. This will be his first group workout class and it will be held on August 5, 2017 from 5p-7p at the Royalty Studio (16424 E. Warren, Detroit 48224). The cost of the class is only $20 and drop-ins are welcome for just $5 more.  Registration is available from July 8-29 and can be done online. Get one step closer to a healthier life.

If you can’t attend and would still like to support, there is a donation section that you can use on the registration page. All funds raised will be going to a 2018 high school graduate from the Detroit School of Arts. COME GET FIT!! COME SUPPORT DPS!!

Congrats Kyle, I’m very proud of you!!!  Support my Nephew and pass the word!!

July 12, 2017

ANYONE that knows me KNOW that I love BLING!!  I may have mentioned this before, but I want to make sure you all know! LOL!! Not only do I love bling, I love costume jewelry and coordinating my jewelry with my outfits.  I like to be stylish.  Not only do I like to be stylish, but my friends do as well!  So much, my good friend Tiffany started a jewelry business – Big Sexy Pieces!  Tiffany and I go waaaaay back to ’89 (Case Tech)….I consider her a close friend.  She has some awesome, sexy, quality pieces that you can dress up or dress down.   Did I mention that the prices are affordable??? Well, they are!

Big Sexy Pieces has Earrings, Bracelets, Body Chains, Necklaces, and Clutches!  You can’t go wrong shopping with Big Sexy Pieces!  Next time you are in the market for some ‘funky’ accessories, take a look at Big Sexy Pieces.  Her jewelry will definitely make that outfit POP!!

July 11, 2017

Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road in need of a tow truck?  Have you ever needed your vehicle moved or picked up from another state???  Well, look no further!  Paul’s Towing is the towing company for you!

I’ve know Paul for a looooooong time, he actually ‘introduced’ me to my husband (I guess I should thank him for that…LOL).  Paul is all about his business; he started off driving a tow truck for another company and decided that he wanted to go into business for himself and he made that happen!  His company is very successful and very reputable.  He has dependable drivers that work for him and he has some nice trucks (that’s always a plus)!

Give Paul a call at 313-350-0030 for your transporting needs and share with your family and friends, this is a good number to have in case of emergencies!!

July 10, 2017

Let’s talk food!!  We all like to eat!  Some like more healthier options, some like more less-healthier options!  Whatever you like it all boils down to the same thing, we ALL like food!!  I lost quite a bit of weight about 4 year ago, but since being married I’ve found some it!  LOL!! I am trying to get ahold of the situation by changing my eating habits.  I don’t like to cook everyday and I found myself eating more of what I shouldn’t than what I should.  I’ve been talking to Tanaia at the hair shop for years, even purchasing food from her from time to time when she brought some up to the shop but I never enlisted her for her food prep options….until this year!  Tanaia had a wonderful food prep deal that I couldn’t pass up on.  Not only was it a deal, but her food is SO GOOD!!!  I shared her food on my page and she got some of my referrals from the posts.

This may sound redundant, but Tanaia is the sweetest!! I guess I only deal with nice, sweet people!  LOL!  She is very personable and easy to talk to.  She listens to your needs and is understandable about food allergies (cause I have several).

If you are looking to improve your lifestyle for a more healthier one and you don’t have to time to cook like you should, reach out to her!  You will NOT be disappointed! Check out her Facebook page and you will see for yourself!!

July 9, 2017

Bling Bling!!! I LOVE BLING!!  I mean who doesn’t????  LOL!  In addition to bling, I love custom made clothes, I love being a tad bit different or even standing out at times!  A couple years ago, I was in need of a blinged out shirt.  I can not remember WHAT I needed the shirt for, but I needed some bling.  That’s where my Girl Sixx Badazz enters the picture and a beautiful relationship began!  We hit it off right from the start!!  She is cool, funny, and about her business!  I’ve referred several of my friends to her and as a matter of fact, I picked up an order for me and my Girls today for a Day Trip we are going on!

I would like to think that I am a loyal customer to some Black Businesses and I am definitely a loyal customer to my girl Sixx and I consider her a friend too!

Next time you are in need of a customized shirt, check out her website or hit her up on Facebook Again, you will NOT be disappointed!

July 8, 2017

Let’s talk make-up!  I used to be an eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss only girl, but I have GLOWED up and wear a little bit more on my face now.  I don’t wear it to make myself look like a different person, I think make-up should be worn as an accessory.  I love when I get my make-up professionally done and have on a coordinating outfit, that makes me feel REAL grown!  LOL!!!

In 2015, I got my ‘face beat’ sooooooo many times by the wonderful Keisha Spivey (of course I’ve been numerous times since, 2015 just stands out cause I think I saw almost every month!!).  I’ve known Keisha since I was a teenager, we used to be in a community choir together (yes I was in a choir…LOL).  As time went on we lost contact, but thru the wonderful world of Facebook we reconnected.  Not only has Keisha graced my face, I’ve referred so many family and friends to her.  We always have a great time when we see each other and  not to mention we both are Virgo’s!

With that being said, today I highlight Keisha Spivey MUA.  She is very professional, very sweet, and just an all around great person.   So if you or someone you know are in need of a GREAT make-up Artist, hit Keisha up!!  She will not let you down!

July 7, 2017

Yesterday I talked hair, today I’m gonna talk nails!

I’ve know Mika since I was a kid!! She is my BFF’s cousin and when my BFF and her family lived across the street from my family, I would see her every summer.  Well time went on, my BFF moved and I didn’t see Mika like I used to.  We did talk throughout high school, but we lost contact.

One day I was looking thru a hair and nail book and who do I see, MIKA!! I was like my girl does nails, I need to go see her.  Thing is, I already had a nail tech that I was dedicated to.  Well I was in need of  new nail tech and I called Mika for a nail appointment and that was the beginning!  I’ve been going to Mika every 2 weeks for a long time now, I can’t even remember how many years it has been.

What I love about her (besides the laughs we have when I’m there) is that whatever time your appointment is for, you will be sitting in the chair.  She doesn’t have 2, 3, 4 people sitting there waiting for her.  When it’s your appointment time, it’s your appointment time.  Not only that, she does great nail work!!!

So if you’re looking for a great nail tech (just don’t interfere with my appointment time AGAIN..LOL), contact Mika!!

Primped & Polished Salon and Boutique

21537 Kelly Rd., Eastpointe 48021


FYI…text her Monday-Saturday from 9a-7p for questions and appointments

July 6, 2017

I am a faithful customer/client/friend to various Black Businesses and as I was thinking about creating my blog, I decided I would highlight those people and other Black Businesses that I frequent or I’m introduced to.

You all know that I like to keep my hair did (LOL); I go see my Boo Wanda each and every Thursday.  She is not only my stylist, but she is a good friend that I love dearly (and she keeps me TOGETHER).  So since today is Thursday and I am getting in the groove with this blog, I am going to highlight my Boo Wanda!  She is da bomb with her hands and can do any style.  Check her out (just don’t interfere with my appointment time..LOL!!)  BTW…she also had a boutique inside of the shop called Vintage Boutique and she has some very nice clothes!!

Ariel’s Hair and Vintage Boutique

15270 E. 8 Mile Rd, Detroit 48205