Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I gotta do it!

First and foremost, HELLO EVERYONE! I know I’ve been MIA again, but life has taken over and Toya has been a tired lady! I’ve been wanting to post, but when I get home from work I am tired or I have things going on after work. I was sitting here watching HGTV to relax and this topic was really on my heart…I hope you can relate.

I just celebrated my 20-year work Anniversary a couple of weeks ago. I still can’t believe that I’ve been at my job this long, let alone that I am 42 years old! I think use 70s babies look good for our age, I remember thinking 42 was old back in the day. LOL! I can say that I appreciate the way we were raised; our generation is really different from the Millennials. Some of my friends have kids that are Millennials, but in my heart I really think that they are raising their kids the way we were raised. Let me cut to the chase, I am saying all this to say this………some Millennial’s DO NOT CARE what they look like in public ESPECIALLY the work place!!!!

I don’t think I am a fashionista in the least, HOWEVER I know how to put myself together and how to ‘mask’ certain areas of my body. I am not going to go to work with all my flab hanging out. I am going to cover it up cause I don’t want to offend anyone. I’ve noticed though that some people (women in particular) don’t care what they look like and they don’t care what is hanging out. I’ve noticed that they don’t believe in ‘strapping it in and up’ meaning wearing proper undergarments to suck things in. They just let it all hang out. Apart of me wishes that I was that confident to not care about my gut hanging out, but then there is apart of me that wishes for no one but my Hubby to see my damn gut!

Were these youngsta’s taught about wearing proper undergarments and they just decided to ignore the advice or was this info omitted from their life lessons??? I really need answers…I want someone (preferably a Millennial) to shed some light on this topic. This older lady would like to understand. When has it become ok to just go to work not caring about how you look? I am not saying you gotta be sugar sharp or wear expensive clothing (we as women can buy a $20 outfit and make it look like a $200 outfit), but going to work with a too little outfit is unacceptable.

I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, I am just trying to school you. I started working at my place of business when I was 22 (and a lot smaller) and I don’t recall ever going to work in questionable attire. Shoot, I knew my parents would stop me from leaving the house if I was looking any type of way other than presentable for work. I just don’t get it. Is the workplace changing that much that what you wear to work does not matter? Has life changed that much that you don’t care what you look like in public PERIOD??? I always believe in looking presentable because you NEVER know who you may run into. Again, I guess that was the way I was raised. I don’t want anyone to see me looking busted…LOL! I barely look busted when I am at the crib!!

Just help me to understand…not saying it would make a difference, but I MUST know what rational is being used when these fashion decisions are being made. Some of these outfits would be really cute IF the proper undergarments were worn. Nothing wrong with wearing some shape wear with your bodycon dress instead of a too little thing or boy shorts. I promise you that you will still be cute! Trust me….I just want to help you Sis! LOL!!

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