Date Night!!!

Date Night! I love Date Night (and in some instances Date Day…LOL). Regardless of what time you decide to go, dating your significant other (gf, bf, husband, wife) is VERY IMPORTANT! Here’s the thing that gets me though, people are quick to say that there is nothing to do in the Metro Detroit Area and I am here to tell you that ain’t true!

Before I get into the latter, let me talk a little about the importance of Date Night according to Toya. In order for any relationship to blossom and stay strong, you gotta still date each other. Once you get with the person you want, the wooing should not stop. Continue to buy flowers, surprise each other with gifts, go out of town, and go out on dates! It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just a time where the 2 of you can spend some time together outside of home. Leave the stress, the kids, the bills, work all of that at home and go out! Go for a nice walk, go to the movies, go to a concert, go to a new restaurant, or just go for a drive and talk. Bottom line is spend some quality time with each other, make each other laugh, just have fun together. That is very important in sustaining a happy relationship. It should not be a task or negotiated, Date Night’s should be required! Get it together y’all!!

Now, don’t know where to go or think there is nothing to do in the Metro Detroit Area? Well, you can ask me cause I am always everywhere! LOL! If you don’t want to ask me, use your resources. If you’re on Facebook, check out the Events page. You will be surprised by the things you find on there. A lot of free activities. If you are interested in trying different restaurants, check out You can find all the new restaurants, restaurants with patios, brunch locations etc. is another great source, you just have to put in some work to find what you’re looking for. Instagram is a great help too.

Moral of this post, keep doing what you did to get your significant other. Keep dating each other and enjoying the time you spend together because at the end of the day, tomorrow is not promised to anyone and I would hate for you to have regrets or ‘what if/I should have’ moments. Live in the NOW and enjoy life…..together!!

P.S.S….there is nothing wrong with dating yourself either! We all deserve to be spoiled, even if we spoil ourselves. If you are single or even need to get away for awhile, explore the city and check out the new things opening. Nothing wrong with spending time alone either.

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