Cantankerous People….

Why….just why???  Why are people so angry and combative all the time?  What is really going on in your life that you are like this EACH AND EVERY DAY????  I just don’t get how people (young and old)  could put so much energy into being grumpy all the damn time.  Grant it, we have our days where we don’t wanna be bothered or our attitudes just suck….BUT EVERY DAY???

I was helping someone do something recently and the ENTIRE time I was helping them, they had an attitude and was asking questions…why do I have to do that?  Why do they want to know that?  Why is this taking so long?  If I had of known this I would not have asked to do this. It irritated me to my soul, but being the petty person I am I continued to help them to irritate them more.  LOL!!  On a serious note, I never understood how someone could put so much energy into being evil all the time.  I want to ask them all, what are you lacking in life that you feel you have to be such a BISH all the time. This goes for women AND men…cause there are some B.A.M out here (hopefully you know what that acronym means).  I don’t think I’ve ever been mean and evil to people on a regular basis for no reason.  I’d rather put my energy into other things.  Also, I don’t want to be known as a combative person.  Working in a Corporate environment can surely get you labeled and who wants that??  You get blackballed acting like that and ‘they’ will look for ways to get rid of your evil ass.

I am not saying that you have to kiss anyone’s butt, but why you gotta act like a hard-ass all the time?  Why act like a bully and you’re over 50??  Is it not cool to be polite to people or to act civilized?  I just need answers…that’s all.  I need people to find their happy; go to church, go shopping, volunteer, do something that will change you attitude towards LIFE!  Hell, get a Boo…I can guarantee you that you won’t have time to be so evil and mean.  Who wants to deal with that…unless they are the same way, then you can be miserable people together.  That is such a sad thought….C’mon people, life is too short to be unhappy.  Laugh more, embrace life, I’m sure your entire outlook on life would change.  Have I steered you wrong yet???  😉

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